What’s New for 2024

2024 Lifan KPT 400

UPDATE: It looks like The KPT 400 will not make it for 2024.

What’s New for 2024? Well it looks like American Lifan expects to have the KPT 400 out for early Spring of 2024. We’ve all been waiting for this bike for a while. With the shutdown a few years ago due to Covid, the EPA approval was delayed from what I understand. I have this one on the top of my list for my next bike. It’s the perfect all around bike as far as size, weight and power. The Luggage will make this bike perfect for traveling and commuting back and forth to work. The 378cc parallel twin with 44HP@9,500 rpm’s and 27 ft. lbs. of torque @ 7,500 rpm’s is more than enough power for a daily rider. The engine is mated with a 6 speed transmission. It comes with 110/70-17 tire on the front and 160/60-17 on the rear which should make it a comfortable ride. Top speed claims to be 92 mph which is more than fast enough for the interstate which is usually 70 mph max anyway. It comes with a massive 4.88 gallon fuel tank as well. Some of the standard features are the TFT screen, Tire Pressure monitor, ABS, keyless push button start, Aluminum skid plate, adjustable windshield and lots of luggage. You can never have too much storage. lol I can’t wait to add the KPT 400 to the stable and take some long tips on the bike. More to come ……..



The carbureted version Lifan KP- Mini has been around for a few year, but the ALL NEW Lifan KP-MINI RS 150 is Fuel-Injected. This bike comes with a 5-speed EFI engine! This 150cc NBF engine comes with Electronic Fuel Injection system offering 35% more horsepower and 20% more torque. It maintains an aggressive sporty look while delivering the performance riders demand. The benefits of Electronic Fuel Injection is its advanced tech and efficiency help you get the best performance from your motorcycle. The fuel consumption for this bike is 130MPG. The Lifan KP-Mini RS EFI comes equipped with an array of remarkable features, including enhanced Gold Forks, an LCD Display which displays, speed, RPM, mileage, temperature, fuel gauge, and time. The soft cushioned seat adorned with leather stitching promises unparalleled comfort on every journey. Safety and practicality converge with side view mirrors, brilliant headlights, and Daytime Running Lights, accompanied by LED signal lights. The bike further boasts convenient storage compartments, a secure locking gas tank, and a locking steering wheel for added peace of mind.

Where to Buy

The Lifan KP-Mini RS is available through Venom Motorsports USA. If you use the Discount Code “JERRYHAWK250” you will get an extra $50 off. The Discount code can be used with any other purchase of motorcycle, ATV over $600 on there website.


L x W x H70 in x 30.7 in x 37.8 in
Seat Height28.7 in
Engine TypeSingle-cylinder, air-cooled
Displacement149 cc
Max Power13 hp / 8000 rpm
Brake(front/rear)Disk / Disk
Top Speed75 mph
Net Weight242 lb
Fuel Capacity1.4 gal
Bore x Stroke57.3 mm x 57.8 mm
Compression Ratio9.1:1
Max Torque12 n.m/ 6000 rpm
Transmission5-speed, hand-clutched
Fuel Economy130 mpg