2019 Venom X22R 250


In 2019 I purchased a Venom X22R 250. This had to be the most fun modifying. I’ve done everything from porting the head, installing a high compression piston and cam. This was a very nimble bike and loved to take it on the twisties through the swamps and bayou roads. What I’ve found to be the most fun with the X22R 250 was the actual modifications. The engine is a clone of the Honda CRF230F so finding aftermarket performance parts were easy. Some of the performance mods I done were porting and polishing the head, Installed a Wiseco 11:1 piston for the CRF230F, Performance cam from Hot Cam, 4 degree advance timing key and installing a Nibbi PE30 carburetor. I never put the bike on a Dyno but estimate i was in the 20-24HP range. Replacing the stock 42 tooth rear sprocket with a custom 36 tooth sprock was a big improvement. The stock gearing was way to low for a street bike.

The Venom X22R 250 is available through VenomMotorsportsUSA. If you use the Discount Code “JERRYHAWK250” you will get an extra $50 off. The Discount code can be used with any other purchase of motorcycle, ATV over $600 on there website.

Venom X22R 250



Length: 79 inches

Width: 33 Inches

Height: 43 inches

Seat Height: 30 inches

Handlebars to Ground: 37 inches

Front Tire Size: 110/60-17

Rear Tire: 140/60-17

Dimensions Crated: 78 x 23 x 47 (LxWxH)

N.W: 325lbs

G.W: 395lbs