Month: October 2023

Hello world!

Welcome to jerryhawk250-com. I created this site to share my life experience with motorcycles, ATVs and so on. Hope you enjoy the experience.

Good Morning everyone,

I was approached by a company called NiceCNC to see if I would like to review there product. I never heard of them, so looked up their website and saw all the nice products they sell. I agreed to receive the Tail bag on the grounds that it has to meet my approval. Well let me tell you, this has to be one of the nicest Tail bags I’ve seen. First off, this bag is huge. It is well made. The craftmanship is top of the line. I like the different features of being able to carry it as a back pack or using the shoulder strap. The quick connect straps that hold the bag securely in place are easy to install or relocate to another bike. Lets talk storage. Like I said, this bag is huge. 38L and expands to 58L when you unzip the two sides. I can easily fit a full faced helmet and still have some space for other items. There are plenty of zipper storage compartments everywhere in and out of the bag. The bag also comes with a waterproof cover to get that extra protection against the rain. The reflective piping all around the bag makes it highly visible which is a plus to me. Included is a bungy netting that will securely hold your helmet or any other item in place while traveling. I’m glad NiceCNC contacted me because I was in the market for a good quality Tail Bag and never really found one I like. If I would of known about this company earlier, this would of been the one tail bag I wanted. It checks all the boxes. It big enough to put all my belonging in for traveling and all at a reasonable price. I would of happily purchased this Tail Bag. If interested in the products you can check the out here NiceCNC. Use THE CODE Jerry11 and get 11% off in whole store.